What is Energy Audit

Technology consulting system providing the optimum plan to understand energy usage status, energy loss factor,
energy savings within the facility such as heat efficiency improvement, waste heat collection plan, rationalization of steam usage, process modification and etc.


- Reduce energy consumption rate by a motivation
- Improve company competitiveness by reducing energy related cost
- Encourage staff members for energy savings
- Improve management by reducing CO2

Facility and Technology

- Prevent energy loss by establishing the optimal operational system
- Improve energy unit requirenet and reduce environment burden
- Stabilize manufacturing facility by introducing the optimized model for the energy usage
- Build rationalization system for the synthesized operation of manufacturing and supportive facility

Business Range and Strengths
Business Area

- Review on issues of Fuel system and Fuel Management
- Introduce improvement plan for operation and process
- Analyze loss factors and provide efficiency plan
- Performance test of industrial furnace
- Anaylze waste heat revert system and improvement plan
- Review on economic feasibility of facility investment

SAC's Strengths

- Possess high quality technology as a industrial furnace engineering company
- Thorough after services

Business flow chart
Measuring process
1Executive and working level discussion
  • Share of advance information re measuring
  • Advance research on the system to be measured
2Understand of business provider's status
  • Understand of business provider's status
  • Share of energy source and usage facility
3Understand of status per business area
  • Hear of presentation on process and facility
  • Understand of status per energy source and facility
  • Share of internal problems and future plans
4Field Visit
  • Understand of operating status and consultation
    with the operators
5Establishment of future plans
  • Establishment of future plans such as itinerary of field
    measure and etc.
6Measurement and Analysis
  • Facility measurement for date collection
  • Financial analysis on facility and process
  • Analysis on the loss factor and understand of savings potential
  • Provide improvement plan
7Review improvement plan
  • Analysis on the savings effect and investment efficiency
  • Discussion and agreement on plans
  • Presentation for the staff members
Measuring equipment
ESCO Have various measuring equipment.
  • Combustion Gas Analyzer (Testo 350K)
  • Thermography Camera (Flir T620)
  • Pressure measuring instrument (DMG-2601)
  • infrared radiation thermometer (TESTO 830-T4)
Measurement cases

- H company : Provided a consultation on the improvement plan
  of energy efficiency after the precise measurement

  • 1Performance check by measuring O2 of burner
  • 2Provision of optimization plan for the air-fuel ration based on pressure measurement
  • 3Provision of optimization plan for the combustion based on the flue
    gas analysis
  • 4Leakage test inside the furnace

- D company : Achieved 10% savings after the modification of
  air-fuel ratio based on the burner measurement

  • 1Leakage in the gas pipe
  • 2Provision of optimization plan for the combustion
    thru flue gas analysis
  • 3Examination on refractory by measuring surface temperature
  • 4Provision of optimization plan by examining the
    combustion equipment



If energy user is not able to supplement the facility due to its technological and financial burden, we can participate in this energy savings facility project by providing our technologies and funds and collect our investment by its savings cost after the built of a facility.

ESCO's Strengths?
Expertised services re savings facility

User will be able to save the time, HR and costs since there will be various services provided by the professional such as installment, purchase, construction and after services.

Reduced risk of finance and technology

Providers will be responsible for the investments of finance and technologies when building the facility

Various tax benefits

Deduction of income or corporate tax by 10% of its investment upon the article 25, 2 of the tax reduction and
exemption act.

Business Range of SAC's ESCO
  • Optimization of Burner facility
  • Rationalization of steam usage
  • Rationalization of waste heat
  • Optimization of process
  • Improvement of facility structure
  • LED Business
ESCO Contract System
ESCO Financing Guaranteed Contract
User Financing Guaranteed Contract
Project Process
ESCO Reduction Technology
Oxygen Enriched System (Oxyfuel Burner)

Energy savings by reducing the loss of flue gas if nitrogen of combustion air is reduced

Exhaust Gas Waste Heat Recovery Systemed Melting Furncae

Save energies by reverting the waste heat of emission gas of smelting furnace

Submersible Electronic heater

Melting pool stabilization and energy saving by installing the heating system inside the pool

High-frequency induction heater

Reduction of scale, upgrade of quality, high energy savings

Roller Hearth Kiln

Reduced plastification time with its continuous Klin and possible to automate the process

High-efficiency inverter

Power change system of AC and frequency control (Series of frequency control function can save energy)

Waste Heat Recovery Unit

Heat exchanger : reusage of flue gas

Burner : use of 2 burners with regenerator (air preheating)

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